Team and leadership

Red Emond

Red Emond, president and co-owner

After beginning as a labourer with Rapicon in 1973, Red went on to lead the erection and dismantling team for the next 23 years. Having built significant experience from "the ground up", through 23 years of doing what he loved every day, Red's rise to management in 1996, evolved naturally. With first hand understanding of the challenges and needs of the construction industry, and with genuine love for the wonder of tower cranes, Rapicon has flourished and undergone its own evolutionary process. Committed, involved and excited, Red acquired shares in 2001 and became co-owner of Rapicon.

The Rapicon Team

Red chooses only those with heart and passion to join the team; "They’re the force of the enterprise and I am very proud of them". Our 15 or so employees, embody a range of skills; being qualified welders, mechanics and electro-mechanics. New members to the team are trained in-house to begin with, at Rapicon's Ontario location, where cranes are carefully prepared and tailored to a project's requirements. Training is also undertaken in France, using Potain's "Service after Sales" training program. Customers have repeatedly commented on the care taken, quality of work produced and professionalism of our team. We are proud to currently have team members whose length of service has been over 25 years.